Website Critiques-The good, the bad and the ugly

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I Want Media Logo

I want media  is a media site that is resourceful for those that want to get news from different outlets but it’s hardly user-friendly. The site offers a search engine but besides allowing visitors to read a quick blurb about articles– there’s nothing else inviting about the site for those outside of the Journalism field. The site offers no opportunity for users to comment about the stories and instead links out to other sites, which have their own comment capabilities. 

Snooki on TMZ is an extremely popular blog that receives recognition from television news on a daily basis, the site offers live breaking news about celebrities that many other blogs miss out on. The site receives 17 million visitors a month and although there is advertisers throughout the homepage, it doesn’t take away from the site’s easy navigation bar and large search engine box on the top of the page. Unlike I want media, this site allows visitors to tweet,Facebook,Digg, email or print each story. visitors are able to sign on to aim or Facebook to chat with friends and ‘like’ stories while commenting on each story.



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