News, Blogs and Their Userbility.

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

the washington post

The Washington Post‘s online news site proves to be both challenging and user friendly. The navigation bars on the upper left hand side of the page, help users to register, subscribe and receive news feeds on their mobile phones. The cars, real estate, jobs, going out guide and classifieds are also located on the upper right hand side. These bars prove to be user friendly. In one click you can access these pages with ease, and moving along through the sections prove to be simple. Under these toolbars is the main navigation menu. This menu I have some problems with. The menu lists news, local, politics, opinions, sports, business, and art and living. These categories, although nicely planned, have sub-topics below, when hovered over. Simply clicking the header itself, helps to give you an array of information to look at. However, when hovering over the header, if you are hovering over to click a link below and miss, you can accidently click a sub-topic under another header. There is a toolbar of top stories as well, that helps give visitors some top viewed stories. In addition, although there is a lot of news to choose from, the way the webpages are laid out, can prove to be tricky. With the page set up in a three column layout, it can become confusing from afar, to look at all of the headers listed across a page. I would find the website more appealing if the headers where stacked on top of each other rather than next to each other. Trying out the search bar, this aspect of the site also proved useful. Typing in the word “Obama” in the search bar, I was given a list of articles that had Obama in the article, and/or Obama in the title. There is also an advanced search option that helps you search within categories to find specific information.

the washington post blog

The Washington Post has a blog titled The Classical Beat. There are many positives to the blogs that this site puts forth. For one, this blog in particular is written by a professional. The author, Anne Midgette, is a music critique who was also involved in the opera scene.She writes on classical music, the news, her opinions and critiques, and the blog is very user friendly. You can comment on her work, and link her blog to sites such as Facebook, Twitter- e-mail and many more. The author also links her categories, and gives the option for you to recommend her blog to others. The blog is useful and has many user friendly elements, with pictures and hyperlinks, that makes her credible and informant.


The Washington Post



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