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September 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Big Blue View is a basic blog, presented by SBNation and posses many of the elements we discussed in class to make the blog user friendly. The blog is written by Ed Valentine a diehard NY football Giants fan. His posts offer his insight into the organization’s moves and games.

The lay out of the blog is pretty simple, featuring some text and a picture in almost every post. The navigation bar is composed of many options that are specific to the site and the team. The navigation bar has choices like fan post, fan shots, a archive, and things about the team. The bar does not use a hover over feature like some unmentioned news sites. So there is no chance of clicking on the wrong tab.

The fan post section allows the audience to take an active role in the blog, but  it is really nothing more than a cleverly named forum. The side bar features the roster of the Giants, which I think is great for his topic. There is no search bar, but the blogger makes up for this with simplicity.

You can share any of his stories on the usual suspects like Twitter and Facebook. He also includes links to the twitter accounts of the player and their personal websites.

The page is really dull visually but he has a logo, its a little too complicated for mass appeal but get the job done.

He links to other SBNATION blogs and to the actually team pages of many NFL teams. He also use sa great blog roll composed of many sports sites.

It is a great blog for Giants fans and easy to navigate, but could use a redesign.

The Blue Screen by Ralph Vacchiano is a blog presented by the NY Daily News and is extremely bland and has none of the elements of other blogs. The blog is written by Ralph Vacchiano, a New York Giants beat writer for the Daily News since 2001. He also covered the Giants for the North Jersey Herald from 1993-97. His posts are more than just his insight. The post read more like news stories with a small amount of commentary.

The navigation bar is the navigation bar for the Daily News. The bar is very user friendly and it is easy to find any topic of interest.  The side bar features a direct link to the blog’s Twitter account. The blog also has a blog roll of about 15 or so sites. There is a search option provided by the Daily News as well.

Just like on the blog the Big Blue View, readers can share any of the stories on Twitter, and Facebook.  Readers can also Buzz up articles that they like.

The page is simply just text with almost no pictures and definitely no videos. He links to other articles on the Daily News website, but keeps the blog pretty basic.

The blog is easy to use and easy to access, but really only appeals to a niche audience.

~ Juan G. Rodriguez



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