September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Drudge Report, for those who don’t know, is a news website created by Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart. What originally started off as gossip column of sorts, turned into one of the top 20 news websites in 2009. What is most unique about the Report’s website is that is looks nothing like a traditional online news source. Every headline is written by someone affiliated with the site, and hyperlinks allow visitors to click on the headlines and be directed to the story on another website (mostly other top news sites.) The major headlines are located on the top left corner of the site underneath a centered advertisement. Below those twelve or so lines, the page is separated into three columns all listing headlines (hyperlinks).

The bad: Headlines, photos, advertisements, search windows, contact info, and even a submission box are all smashed onto one page. It’s hard to tell sometimes if you are looking at a photo attached to a news story, or if you are looking at an ad. Fortunately, usability is easy seeing as how the whole site is headline/ad-> click ->redirect to exact article.

The search box is randomly placed on in the middle of the left column, often hiding amongst screaming headlines all written in the same bold, in-your-face font. If you can focus hard enough there are links within the headlines like “world front pages,” “local news by zipcode,” and “search wires.” Basically the site looks more like an amateur blog rather than a major news site. Oh, and if you’re taking too long browsing the page to find an article that looks good, the page reloads itself to change up the front and center ad.

It honestly shocks me how great the news is from the Drudge Report, but how sloppy it looks. Definitely worth checking out.



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