Website Critiques-Present Newsworthy stories with Worth! AND Goggling at Gizmodo

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Philadelphia Inquirer
In the Philadelphia Inquirer, why are the local photos, video clips and multimedia stories secluded to a corner without any merit?

No brotherly love for local stories here; case and point, the ads section, where it currently resides.

Captions would otherwise tell viewers what they are clicking on.  However, in this case, a box small enough to leave you fingerprint holds the key to stories that can make hay while the sun shines (for long), to newspaper websites like this.

Newspaper sites should not be as frugal as their print.  Another term I’d like to pitch is the paper doesn’t have enough “throw-weight.”

According to State of the News Media 2010, print edition is declining possibly because of a major factor: lack of good reading making it to print.  The rules apply also to the sites.

Gizmodo, the sound of it rolls right off your tongue.  The blog really gets creative with the images that go along with its posts.  I feel like I’m in an anime every time I read a blog.

It even keeps a “tips” bar center stage for readers to pitch in their suggestions and thoughts, keeping them in the loop.

Gizmodo gives off this ora of extreme interactivity, something which is expected from a blog.  But I get the feeling I’m on facebook and I’m talking to bloggers at the same time, with all the user friendly contents on the page.

For newer users, like myself, I had no trouble finding out what “ninjastar” is or what “gizexplains” is.  the pound key # comes before a frequently asked about term, easily located next to the post you’re reading.

So once you click on the term, it directs you to another page where it gives you a definition.  The term is also coated in a light font color, so users are not distracted unless they want to be.

I also found Gizmodo friendly by the way they posted the entire Gizmodo team along the left side, giving the readers a sense of assurance that they are provided with expert opinions.



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