ABC News; site critique

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

ABC News has a menu near the top, with different sections and drop-down menus like Newsday’s, but you need to get a lot further away from the menu for it to shift back to the Home menu. You also need to hover over a different menu for a second or two before it’ll shift over, so it works pretty well. Along the upper right, there are links to the iPad app, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, mobile, ABC and ESPN.

There’s a search bar, and links to the most-clicked sites and hot topics. Right under the main nav menu, a bunch of videos are available for scrolling through, and below that is the biggest headline and the picture to go with it. There’s a “don’t miss” section, another section dedicated to more headlines, and another section for more local news and weather, though whether is lower down on the page.

As you go further down, there are a bunch of other commonly searched sections with top headlines from each type of news. Under all that is slideshows, most popular stories, and “Latest News From Our Partners.”

There’s also a sidebar with a bunch of side-stories and miscellaneous fun things. There are a few ads scattered over the site, and ads before videos start. When you click to an article or sections, the top menu is still there and a celebrity Twitter and Facebook feed in the entertainment section. Different sections have different sideshows pertaining to the relevant sections.

Overall, the ABC News site has everything you could possibly think about wanting to click to, and it’s well laid-out and easy to navigate, but way too cluttered.


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