Can You Spot.Us the Money for News online

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Spot.Us is a nonprofit project funded by various groups including the Knight Foundation. Spot.Us is an open-source project where the public can fund and participate in developing future articles with the journalist, who will once funded do the reporting.

The site is powered by professional journalist, who create a sense of community and accomplishment for the site’s visitors. They disclose their story ideas and allow the public to participate in the development of stories. These stories are often on overlooked topics. The great thing about Spot.Us is that the site practices traditional journalism—  accuracy, accountability and verification. Reporters on Spot.Us are freelance journalists. But Spot.Us does not limit its reporting staff to professionals, they also allow non-professionals as well.

All of the stories on the site are legitimate news stories or features. The journalist make use of all of the webs capabilities by using text, audio and video. For example see the video below.

Spot.Us is open sourcing done with the highest level of integrity and truly creates authentic journalism using the open-source model. The best thing about Spot.Us is that the articles are free for news organizations to republish, this allows important stories to reach a wider audience and to hopefully spark more funding for Spot.Us in the future.

~Juan Rodriguez


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