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September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Global Voices Online,, Pro-Am Journalism, Crowdsourcing

Global Voices, is a site that provides the news in many different languages across the globe. From English to Swahili, Polish to Indonesian, this site has ’em all.

Global Voices, Global Languages, Pro-Am Journalsim, Crowdsourcing

Global Voices provides updated news stories while providing crowdsourcing and pro-am journalism features. Upon visiting an article, the article gives you a list of languages the story is written in, the countries it involves, and the major topics highlighted in the article. Then the author display their written piece. Under their piece is followed by others who have shared ideas on the article and have given some insight. The author incorporates the ideas into their article by introducing the person and their general idea followed by the actual comments they submitted. This idea of crowdsourcing helps readers add additional information to the original work. Helping to shed light on areas of the topic, possibly in more depth, to make the information as a whole, more knowledgable.

Under the article is a toolbar with options to share the topic on facebook, twitter,, stumbleupon and others. Then below that is another important part of a new reporting method called linking. It links to other sites on the topic, that helps display other ideas on the topic and for further information or other stories on a similar place or people.

Below the linking then is a spot for general comments titled “join the conversation.” This pro-am journalism styled area gives readers the opportunity to collaborate with the writers by posting their opinions and ideas on the same page as the news outlet.

Overall Global Voices is a site that advocates the new journalism methods of linking, crowdsourcing and pro-am journalism. Their site is offered in globally in global languages to emit the global voices to be heard. Global Voices does an excellent job in engaging readers on important topics of discussion, gain feedback, and interact with one another.



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