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September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Collaborative journalism can bring society closer to democracy. It is not intended to replace democracy (or journalism) but rather to make it more effective. uses pro-am journalism to fuel its website. Pro-am journalism allows users to publish information on the same site that the people who run the site publish on.

On Jezebel, there is a large “SHARE” bar at the top of the site, inviting you to “let your fingers do the talking” under the name “#tips.” 

Many users submit posts under names that relate to the topics they post about. These user-categories include titles like #deathrowdilemma (for the story about Teresa Lewis), and #seeingisbelieving (for the story on Photoshop).

There is what seems like too much information on the homepage, which can be overwhelming to look at when first accessed, but once navigation starts it is rather easy to use.

Users comment on each other’s posts and post themselves. There is a lot of linking going to users’ sites and comments.

According to Technorati, Jezebel ranks #19 out of the top 100 blogs. (last checked 9/21/2010)

Can anyone guess what number 1 is?



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