Link Journalism = Brilliant

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

When you think about it, linking journalism is a brilliant idea. I mean if you took the word linking and applied it to the words “online” and “journalism” it would fit right in. Being successful “online” requires your website to be usable, and being able to link to other websites and obtain useful information is a way to be just that. Also being able to link gives accountability to any person practicing good “journalism.”

One website that practices link journalism is ProPublica is a non-profit journalism organization that has existed since the year 2008. The website has a page called “Investigation Elsewhere

This particular web page allows viewers to read other stories other than those on the website. This is good for journalism because it allows journalists to work together on some level. When journalists are sending readers to other sites this might be because a particular story has been covered better than they covered it. However, this type of practice is not limited to non-profit news.

Major newspapers such as the New York Times also use this tactic on their website. The Times has a page called “Idea of the Day.”

This page has daily blogs which incorporate various links to what they are talking about. In today’s blog the times talked about types of words used in texting such as “LOL, BFF, and OMG.” Apparentlly, according to the blog, we can thank the militarry for these acronyms.  It refers, or more importantly links, to the urban dictionary for conformation of what the words mean, an example of how linking can help bring accountability.

In any blog, including this one, link journalism is very important. In the world of journalism it can’t hurt to have something to back you up.


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