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September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Newswire seen at Publish2

How many sites can you find that can link all the important news stories for you? If you’re thinking, Publish2, you’re good.

The New York Times Bits Blog uses Publish2 to curate links to tell the readers what they read.  Sometimes, I’m quick to judge when it comes to tech advice.  However, in this case, the most significant news and information is put forth with this widget, and it’s just a click away for readers to find out on their own just how reliable this it is.

They even color-coated the articles they are reading florescent green.  What can be more important than that to the readers.  It’s so sweet of Bits Blog to take note.

Linking is an excellent way for reporters and bloggers to reveal transparency.  It especially comes in handy with breaking news and investigative journalism.  Other practitioners of linking journalism include ProPublica.  It’s a great site for breaking news coverages and provides you with links on the page.  It even provides you with updated podcasts and tags important topics.  This is where linking and userbility meet.

Another one of my soon-to-be favorite links is The Climate Desk, a newsgroup that  voices human, environmental, political and economic impacts on the climate using excellent collaborative and linking journalism.  It consists of Mother Jones, Grist and PBS Need to Know.  Grist in particular instantly caught my eye through the way they used graphic analysis and data to relay their message.

Now this was something worth linking!

Overall, linking is something we don’t think often about and it’s easily taken for granted.  As keen readers with strong opinions, we should never forgo linking when the time comes to do our own blogs.



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