Patch it to me!

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Local journalism has a very narrow appeal—you’ve got to find your niche, find the people who’d be interested in what you write and then give them the news. is about as local as it gets. It’s active in California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and other states. Most of the areas Patch covers is rural and suburban.

Most newspapers cover big cities and what goes on in them, but Patch depends on contributions like tip submissions, event announcements and volunteers to put out its content. The editors write stories and also pull volunteers locally (from this university, too) to contribute stories.

Even though Patch pays some contributors to go on assignments and submit articles, it relies on crowdsourcing (there it is!) to submit upcoming events and let the editor know about events that may have happened in other places. Patch can get to the local stories, and they might even be able to take their time with some of them. Bigger newspapers won’t be covering those incidents anyway.

Patch’s site is clean and easy to navigate. The most recent stories are displayed on top, sections are organized in tabs at the top, and there are buttons to click for subscribing on Twitter, Facebook, or an RSS feed.

If you’re looking for really local news, check out Patch. If you’re looking for a job, Patch is still growing and needs more people.


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