…International News Ressurected

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment is a website that provides a  service that is rarely found in journalism today which is international, investigative reporting.  Many “traditional” forms of media (newspapers, magazines, and television) have greatly diminished their international coverage because of the journalism business’ less than-great economic standing.  However!, sites like GlobalPost are attempting to re-invent journalism with new methods that utilize the interactivity of the web.  The site uses two of the new journalistic innovations made possible by the internet which are open-source reporting and crowdsourcing.   Crowdsourcing is the idea that citizens and communities can actively participate in the coverage of news.  The practice acts, in a way, like a virtual poll of what a community of readers want to read about.  This is done a number of ways.  The readers can suggest a story or topic that a website should cover, they can contribute their own citizen journalism, or, on certain sites,they can even support a story’s publishing by donating money to fund the reporting. Open-source reporting essentially reveals the wizard behind the curtain.  It is the idea of transparency, but at a much higher level.  GlobalPost puts these ideas into practice through their membership feature.   By becoming a member you are able to suggest and vote on story ideas for correspondents, participate in conference calls and chats with journalists who are working on a story you’re interested in, and even get travel tips for navigating the countries that the correspondents are in.  This membership feature, called Passport, is also how the site makes some of its profit.  The service is $2.95 a month or $29.95 a year. Not too bad for a full-access pass.  We may be in the midst of brilliance.



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