Digging Into the Next Generation of Micorblogging

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Digg.com, DIgg, Microblogging

Digg.com is a newer microblogging site that allows users to upload links and URLs to create discussions on topics of interest.

Although the site is still early in its development, the site holds many aspects of a microblogging site. The service allows you to send brief text messages, standard to all microblogging sites. The information in the submissions called “Digg its,”can also be consumed in many ways, another identifications of a microblogging site. The information can be shared through downloading it to your computer, saving the page to a favorites category, e-mail, facebook and twitter. The site also lets you comment on the links, “Digg it” (which is similar to the “like button on facebook), and follow the writers of specific posts.

The site is also laid out in a way that is easily understandable. The top Diggs appear in a stacked format in the center of the page under top news. There is also a section for my news if you are a logged in member. On the left hand side a a list of topics as well. There is a general all topics section, and other more specific sections such as politics, science and sports, to see Diggs in more specific categories.

You can search for users and stories as well in a search bar in the upper right-hand side of the page, which makes browsing for posts even simpler.

Overall, the service makes it simple to join, subscribe, login and view feeds. It is easy to understand, and links to other media forums and microblogging sites as well. Digg.com is just one of the up-and-coming microblogging sites, in a world where short feeds of information is becoming all the more popular.





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