Look what I’ve tumbled upon.

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Until today I had no idea what Tumblr was. I saw the logo on a few sites but never clicked on it because I really had no interest and it kind of looked like a twitter logo.

Tumblr is a community of microblogging sites like Twitter, but with more customization and no limit of 140 characters. The site looks great, it is easy to navigate and it even breaks down featured blogs for the reader to take a look at.

There are different categories, news, travel, tech, sports, food, entertainment, books and so much more.  A lot of the sites are fun but not informative at all. Here are some I found interesting.

1) frontpages.tumblr.com

The site is an easy way to get all the news from the most trusted papers in the country.

This site is really useful. It takes the front pages of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Guardian, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe and the San Francisco Chronicle and compiles them all together on one page.

Below are links to the stories featured on the front pages. The site credits the Newseum for the front pages but the tumblr site goes further and gives the reader the links to the actual articles, which is useful because there are many jumps on broadsheet newspapers.

2) dashdotdashbackslash.tumblr.com

Good idea but this guy needs a course in HTML.

This blog is titled, “This is News?” It compiles stories, which according to the author of this blog should not be news.

My problem with this site is the layout. The blogger just cut and pastes the URL and doesn’t bother to link using HTML. Also it is just white text over a black background, not that exciting.

Most of the stories are funny but could be done much better by using images and actually using HTML properly.

3) popculturebrain.com

Much better layout, nothing much of substance but it's still fun to read.

This one is less of a news site and more akin to something like Perez Hilton, but without the annoying ad background.

It uses links and images properly and keeps the posts short, really short, there wasn’t one that was more then 300 words.

The blogger, Alex, also makes good use of the real estate available to him on the site, on the right side there are links to Facebook, twitter and his RSS feed. Also the site has it’s own URL, Tumbler does not make its users keep its name in the URL.

Tumblr is cool. There are some other blogs on it that are dedicated to posting photos of Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus, but to each their own.

What this site does is give a voice to the average person and it does it in way that doesn’t restrict you like twitter does.

-Frank Posillico


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