NPR, NYT, Newsday, The Washington Post…tweeting isn’t just for the birds!

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

After reading Chapter 4 of Journalism Next I have nearly broken down and signed up for Twitter.  Nevertheless I will always treasure Facebook. And the interesting part is, news organizations use Facebook too!            The Facebook version of many news outlets is interactive, brief, and often frequent. They post more than once a day.

The New York Times posts “What news are you discussing today??” in its status update every day, to generate feedback from users. The Times’ Facebook page is public and everyone can “like it.”

National Public Radio has more than 1 million followers on Facebook.

Newsday and The Washington Post have their own Facebook pages too. Often the organizations post links to stories and allow comments.

In a way, Facebook operates like an RSS Feed. When you “like” a bunch of news organizations, their updates appear in the News feed on Facebook. It’s an easy way to glance at healines and nut grafs as you scroll down.

What I don’t like about these pages is that “someone” from the organization usually does not interact with the users who comment. I understand it is difficult to devote time to sitting there answering comments, but this is precisely what moves Facebook to the back burner. Twitter allows people to “retweet” anywhere and I think people are more inclined to interact with each other because the service is so immediate. Who is the biggest?

 Twitter: 100 million + users worldwide.  Facebook: 500 million + users worlwide

But when it comes to microblogging? Definitely Twitter.



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