Some Microblogging sites. And Copycats.

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Okay, okay. So tumblr’s been out for a while. So has digg. I don’t use digg.

But have you heard of Reddit?
What about Posterous?

Reddit is basically the same thing as Digg, but uglier. It looks like a forum that people just post interesting news and video links to be rated on. Obviously the higher the rating, the more prominent the link is on the page. What’s good about it is that there is a navigation bar at the top of the page that is split into different link categories like worldnews, science and atheism. Overall, though, the site is very minimalistic and probably looks better in mobile format than computer screen.

When I first went on the site, the thing that immediately jumped out at me is how similar Reddit’s logo resembles the Netflix logo:

AND the tagline is “where dreams come true.” What kind of dreams come true at Reddit? A blogger’s dream to garner more hits and respectability in the blogosphere?


Posterous is tumblr’s demented sibling (IMO).

While the site isn’t as popular as tumblr, it does have some notable users, like laughingsquid (of web hosting fame) and TED fellows (a branch off of TEDx).

But perhaps it’s because everyone’s at the tumblr party next door that posterous hasn’t gotten any big attention. I don’t think it’s successful (yet, I mean, who knows–it could get magically popular one day. Why did TEDfellows and laughing squid choose posterous over tumblr? Maybe tumblr will turn into the next myspace…) for exactly that reason. I wouldn’t join posterous or read any of the blogs on it because I already have a tumblr, which generates better hype over interesting users. Also because some of posterous’ layouts are blatant copies of tumblr themes, which makes me extremely skeptical about the site’s origins.


Finally, Newsweek is an example of a news organization that uses microblogging tactics as well as social networking.

Newsweek has a tumblr offset that was created by two of the organization’s writers. Posts consist of some interesting quotes, statistics, photos, and articles from other sites like Gothamist and Gawker. Newsweek also is on twitter and facebook, which is a must these days for any news organization. What makes the Newsweek tumblr nice is that the moderators can reblog and reply to users, but I wonder how much of the content isn’t their own opinion. It’s basically a blog of reblogs run by two women.



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