CBS News – using every aspect of Twitter possible

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

There is using Twitter and then there is utilizing Twitter.

CBS News has taken Twitter to the next step. It has found a way to literally utilize every bit of space on their Twitter page. Twitter has become the ultimate micro-blogging website. After doing an extensive search for another micro-blogging site that offers everything that Twitter does, I came up short. Twitter is king (or queen. Does Twitter have a gender?) of the 140-limit updates.

Back to CBS News.

At the head of the page, everything is made available to you. A link to the mother website is clearly accessible and the lists that refine all the aspects of CBS such as the shows on CBS. Clicking on the list takes you to another page which further links you to other Twitter accounts that are related to CBS News. Kinda of like linking out a little bit like in a full blog?

The CBS lists on the CBS News Twitter

It was mentioned in the Briggs book that “If you take too much from your community without giving, you will limit the growth of your followers.” (pg 107) CBS News gives back. It may not reply or retweet as often as someone who uses Twitter for social reasons, but it certainly does more @replying and retweeting than other news organizations (NYTimes, for example) that only post links to articles on the main website.

CBS News @response

CBS News also distinguishes normal stories from breaking news stories which I feel is something that is good because it allows for followers to understand the urgency of the tweet.

Breaking news vs. a regular news post

The last thing that I really enjoyed about CBS’ Twitter page was that they don’t waste any space. The background of the page has further links for followers to look into. The account names of other important aspects of CBS are listed along the side in the background image for all to see clearly.

Twitter accounts for people of CBS News

Twitter can be a powerful tool – if used correctly. CBS News does this. Space isn’t wasted and the profile is not merely for getting stories out, but also a way to effectively communicate with the audience.



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