Do You…Jaiku?

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Leave it to Google jump on the microblogging bandwagon. Jaiku is their newest project, a Twitter-like  (dare I say wannabe?) website where  the goal is  “to bring people closer together by enabling them to have conversations.”


Anyway, Jaiku was founded in Finland in 2006 and migrated to the U.S in 2007 when it was purchased by google. The name Jaiku comes from the old Finnish word joik (or yoik) and was a means of storytelling.

Imagine, if you will, a cross between Facebook’s “status updates” and Instant Messaging’s “away messages” and there you will have Jaiku.

There is not much you can do on the site unless you are registered, but you can take the tour! To be honest, it’s a ridiculously easy website to use and seems like a lot of fun. The main difference between Twitter and Jaiku is that Twitter still uses Lifestream; an internet feed that shares users online activities utilizing other programs such as flickr and location by cell phones. The only option available to Jaiku users, besides accessing the site via computer,  is to have  a Nokia S60 platform. The limited on-the-go options for Jaiku have greatly stunted the micro blog’s growth. Hopefully it can catch up.



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