MicroBlogging and SocialMedia: Who gets it?

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Microblogging is just another useful tool taking over the internet. Many people are using it for everything from making profound, epiphany-like statements, to informing the world that their boyfriend just broke up with them. Its seems news organizations have picked up the movement and realized what a valuable tool this can be. The Washington Post, for example, is doing big things with this new online innovation.

The most obvious use for the this innovations is the ability to post headlines, which in turn are links to stories, on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  This is the vital first step. If you are a news organization it would be wise to allow users to go on to your Twitter or Facebook page and be able to click on any headline, after a short read, and go right to the story. The Post does this, making their site somewhat more usable for every visitor.

Their Twitter account for the Washington Post has headlines going all the way down the page. For some this might be viewed as the easiest way to get the newest headlines without having to look through the actual Post website.

The Facebook page goes into a little more depth with the headlines. Usually it gives a little tid-bit or clever statement about the story and also provides a link.

However the place where I was most impressed with the post was their actual website, washingtonpost.com. On the Post’s hompage there is a little box in located in the top right hand corner called, “Network News.”

This is a tool that brings the two major social networking sites, Facebook ans Twitter, into a more compact, usable area. Readers can see what stories their friends have glanced at (although not which friends specifically) and which story is most popular according to the social network websites. Also, when a reader clicks onto a story, while reading the story there is a feature that allows the reader to tweet about the story within the “Network News” box.

The Washington Post is embracing the online social network and using it to its advantage. This invites readers and displays the care and accessibility which the post wants to show.


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