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September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Reuters has more success microblogging facebook than twitter.  Over 10,000  people  like the way Reuters reports, and Reuters is able to interact with their readers through comments that are directed back to their homepage.  Through the number of people selecting their likes to a story, Reuters is essentially using their readers to recommend stories and blogs to others.

The comments posted on facebook however, is not the same as those on their website to the corresponding stories.

Recently, Reuters had one of its journalists Dean Wright, posted a blog, “Toward a more thoughtful conversation on stories,” about how Reuters is now developing a new system of combing through its comments sections to retain:

  • racism, other hate language, obscenity not caught by software filters
  • semi-literate spelling
  • uncivil behavior toward other commentators
  • incitement of violence
  • unrelated comments
  • unusually long comments, unless well written
  • excessively using capital letters

This type of filtering is understandable, since they are providing readers with business and financial news as well.  Certain people would want to get advice or respond to topics that are unclear and interesting to them.  I think this is an excellent way to keep journalistic values in a social media.

I think it also helps Reuters by keeping their loyal readers on board, as well as challenging their reporting.  They also give the opportunity for more frequently visiting and valuable commentators to earn points, and once Reuters approves their comment, they can be noted as experts and receive privileges to Reuters.

Ultimately, Reuter’s way of microblogging on facebook keeps them open and attached to all readers.  When it comes to their homepage, however, they’re picking their comments.



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