The name’s Po. HuffPo.

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Huffington Post, being an internet news site anyway, milks social networking sites for all they’re worth.

One of the first things on HuffPo’s main navigation menu is a link to Twitter and Facebook– it’s on the top left. They’re both so distinctive that you should be able to pick out the Twitter and Facebook icons from the massively resized image just above.

Unlike news sites like NYTimes, which has a great layout, and great reporting and is generally just a great site that ultimately stems from a print production, HP is all internet. Every bit of news and information, every image and link and embedded video was created with the intent of going up on the web. You can follow HuffPo on Twitter yourself, but following the link on the main menu just takes you to a signup page, and you might not want to link up your Twitter with HuffPo.

The biggest thing to benefit from sites like Twitter and other microbloggers is the emergence of URL shorteners. Things like TinyURL will take an enormous URL and crunch it down to only a few characters, skirting the 140 character limit. While some URLs might even exceed 140 characters, especially news stories with the headline right in the URL, the shorteners will leave a poster room to summarize and comment without having to post several times.

For people who use Twitter a lot, there’s even an installable toolbar to make everything easier. You can even add a custom tag so you don’t just get a random assortment of letters and numbers. Another one to check out is


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