MSNBC, Eyes on the News

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

MSNBC has hyped up their site’s appearance by incorporating slideshows and multimedia on the homepage.  You see photos like it was from National Geographic, which by the way, is where I get my wallpapers.

They’re even emphasizing their love for visual effects, by keeping a Photoblog, that tells stories through pictures.  Another one my favorite parts is The Week in Photos, which is literally what it means.

MSNBC’s homepage sidebar includes an option of browsing through photos.  They use multimedia to tell readers news and give more to their first time around (up front without having to click on it) with subtitles.  Whereas some tend to include pictures as a secondary factor to catch the reader’s attention.  MSNBC takes advantage of the point that pictures do a lot of talking.  They’re not afraid to admit, they use Photosynth when covering their Original Reports.

A great way for the viewers to participate is by submitting their own breaking news photos, pictures or even favorites photos to MSNBC themselves.  It’s called First Person, and viewers can submit description and cover the story like reporters do at the scene.

Another great use of pictures was seen in the Life section of MSNBC (above) news stories. Where a top news is picked, then photos and older stories relating to the original article are put together in a timeline and users are able to slide the bar across and read stories with the pictures.

So, go on to MSNBC and see for yourself if you don’t believe me.  This is where multimedia and journalism meet.



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