LA Times, I Love Your Photo Page

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I like the LA Times’ photo page because it looks good and it’s easy to find. When you go to it, the design of the page itself is stacked nicely; it’s not so busy that I can’t find what I’m looking for, and everything is labeled. The first thing you see is a brief slide show of featured photo slideshows, some accompanied by audio, some with text. The only fault I found with this is that when I clicked on the photos… nothing happened. It seems that the hot box for the link is really small, because I had to click around aimlessly a bunch of times before I got it to open up another page.

The page above has a theme, “The Promise and Perils of South L.A.,” and each thumbnail at the bottom represents a different photo story that has to do with South L.A. What I especially like is that on the left side, there are 4 links: current story, series, map, about. When you click on one thumbnail, a short description about what the series is about with a link to the full story, which opens up to a new page.

There is an “In Depth” section just below the fold that features multimedia projects—complete with video, photo and audio. It’s really interactive and this particular page above has music playing on the photo gallery page. When you hover over the photo, a description shows up over it.

I also love
that everything is labeled. And the labels are big. There’s no confusion. And overall, the photos are all compelling. They make me interested about the story, and the multimedia just adds to the effect.



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