Sports Illustrated’ Photo galleries are the best in Sports News

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment is hub for sports media. The site has medley of photos, videos and graphics, that allow site visitors to view slideshow from many events daily.

The site has a photo tab on its navigation menu that contains multiple galleries on an assortment of topics. This is a distinctive feature that place SI above its main competitor ESPN. While ESPN uses video better, they fail to use photo galleries, which represent certain moments in sports history better than video can.

Unlike other sports site, which have better layouts, SI focuses more on great reporting. So it is very interesting that the site has such a powerful photo gallery. The photo galleries are easy to navigate and are separated by distinct categories, this allows optimal user-ability. The design is simple but effective.

The galleries also feature some fun and gimmicky title such as “NFL’s Best back-ups,” and “Trade Mark Looks in the NFL.”

The site provides a selection of some of the best images from a half-century of sports coverage by one of the premiere sports publication. What is also very useful is that each image has a disctint web address.

After you finishing viewing one of the hundreds of galleries, the site suggest another for the visitor that is similar.


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