The world through National Geographic’s viewfinder

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

National Geographic has such compelling photography that I find myself on the website scrolling through the photography section and looking into stories because the photos that accompany it are so rich.

One of the more interesting thing about Nat. Geo’s photo section is that every day there is a new photo of the day and if someone were to subscribe to photo of the day on an RSS feed, they would be able to learn about something new everyday because every photo is accompanied by a short blurb about the photo. Most of the photos correlate to a story that was published by Nat Geo and there is a link to the full story.

10.05.2010 Photo of the Day

Today’s particular photo has a link to a photo essay by William Allard. The text isn’t even important. The photos tell the story for you.

Another thing I really enjoy about Nat Geo’s photography on the site is that it includes an entire section on tips for hopeful photographers.

Nat Geo's photo tips

Nat Geo also has a section called “Your Shot” which allows viewers to send in their own shots. Some of the shots are chosen and put on the website. Every weekday, the “Daily Dozen” are selected to be featured on the website and then from there, a handful of the pictures for the month will be featured in the magazine.

Nat Geo's "Your Shot"



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