Time to Share Timeless Photographs

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

TIME Magazine Online, TIME Magazine Photos

Time Magazine’s Online site have a photo tab that displays a variety of photographs from both Time Magazine and its online counterpart. The categories under the photo tab, are main, today in pictures, pictures of the week, pictures of the year, graphics and TIME covers. The main page is seen in the above picture. It is useful because as you scroll down there are a variety of albums to choose from (see picture below). The only problem I have with the way the gallery is set up, is that there is no search bar, or even a list of categories of types of photos, but only sorted in folders by events.

TIME photo gallery

The other categories when clicked, give you a flip-book of pictures to skim through, as popular ones from the week, year, covers etc. The photos when clicked under the specific categories have this flip-book as well. In addition, one add-on that not all photo sites have that I enjoy on this site, is that there is a description of the picture below the image. It gives you the place, time, event, and details about what it is you see. In addition, the pictures can be shared through e-mail, facebook, twitter and more.

TIME Photographs, TIME Galleries, Photo-Sharing

Although the site is not set up or tailored to my liking, the sites photographs are telling and true to the stories they present. The photographs are also very strong, and are taken in with the best end result in mind. The colors are clear, even in grayscale, the picture are in focus, or blurred when its needed, and help enhance the effects of its complementing stories with vivid, powerful images that go beyond the words of the article.


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