1, 2, 3, 4! WE WANT COLOR WAR!

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

In this video about Camp Wah-Nee, a summer camp,in Torrington, CT, The New York Times did a very good job of telling the story of a summer camp tradition — Color War. (Sidenote: when I worked at a summer camp this summer, we had Color War so watching this video brings a smile to my face.)

The video starts with a shot at the dining hall with all of the campers screaming in anticipation for the end-of-summer-camp tradition. It then zooms in on one particular camper and then back to the rest of the hall. Opening with this shot builds the excitement about the topic of the video.

I particularly like the fact that the reporter talks to the kids. Everything that they say is just out of this world adorable but they speak the truth. They talk of how the can’t wait for this to happen and what camp is like for them.

The person who put together the whole package created an interesting transition into the start of color war. The owner of the camp is talking about the start of color war and about how all of the campers know that it is just around the corner. The owner says “And then…” and the next shot is all of the campers and counselors outside at night with fireworks going off, “Color War will officially begin.”

This is the start of color war.

The rest of the video goes more in depth about what color war is and what goes on at the camp.

There are a sequences of wide, medium and tight shots throughout the video which makes it visually compelling.

A large portion of the people that are spoken to during the video are the campers. What better people to talk to than the ones that are directly involved in the subject of the video? One particular camper, Noah Federer, 9, is interviewed and instead of having a shot of his face throughout the entire duration that he is talking, the reporter cuts away to shots of Noah participating in some of the events that are going on during Color War, from hanging out with his friends to looking up at the fireworks during break out. The same goes for camper Grace Koten, 9.

The end of the video was done very nicely. It ends with the owner of the camp saying “As long as there is camp, there’s Color War” and then it cuts to a scene of some of the counselors chanting at the end of color war.



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