New York Times + video = a great relationship

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

When you think of The New York Times, you don’t immediately think of video journalism. But to keep up and not get trounced by the competition, print newspapers must use their website to do what everyone else is doing and sometimes more.

The video above illustrates perfect use of multimedia to tell a story. It uses all the correct shots and interviews and the video looks great, which is something that Briggs says doesn’t always matter. But in my mind 80 percent of how your audience sees you comes from your presentation.

Now for the bad: The video is a tad to long for something on the web. I could see this going on 60 Minutes or another long form TV show, but as much as I enjoyed the video it reached a point where it was to long and my interest started wavering.

I also felt that the two instances where there was a voice over from the reporter were unnecessary. If the reporter was going to do a voice over they should actually have done a full one and not just used it to conveniently tie the story together.

And now for the good: The video was classy, well produced and overall interesting to watch. The people the reporter interviewed told the story well and it was edited together well enough to minimize the use of voice over.

The video is presented well on the site. Video overall is a bit hard to find, but the video section is easy to navigate and designed well. ANd for some reason the video is not embedding directly from the site and I have to embed it from YouTube. The New York Times gets some points taken away for that.

However, The New York Times is a print organization that has it right. Good quality video, well reported stories and it still has the basics that make the New York Times a place that people will still go to get their news.

-Frank Posillico


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