CNN Photojournalist Rides Along with Breast Cancer Survivors

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

This video on is an interesting example of video reporting. Although the video does not have a reporter per-say, the video is shot effectively by a photojournalist.

The video embodies key sequences that help develop and cover a story to its fullest, when it comes to video footage techniques. These techniques include close-up on the hands, close-up on the face, wide shots, an over-the-shoulder shots, and a creative shot.

These shots include close-ups of the woman who is telling the story of the event, close-ups of the motorcycles being worked on, wide-shots of the groups of people of survivors on the scene of the event and riding on the backs of motorcycles, an over-the-shoulder of a survivor on a motorcycle waving to the camera, and creative shots varying from the cleaning of the motorcycles to a low shot of the front tire of a motorcycle riding down the road.

Although the five-shot sequence was handled extremely well, there is no clear reporter. There is no stand-up reporter on the scene, giving an overview. However, you could consider Breast Cancer Survivor Brenda Paulshock to be the reporter, although it is not clear if she is or is not.

There is an interview done with one motorcyclist who will be taking survivors on the backs on his bike, this is a good interview although there could have been another interview to break up the sequences.

What I do feel was an effective replacement to another interview however, were the shots of the women on the motorcycles and at the event hugging one another, taking group photos, wearing cancer survivor and supporter gear, and showing the donations as women purchase necklaces and pins to support the cause.

What was also very effective was the use of the woman’s report on the event, and how she told a story that went along well with the video footage that was taken.

Overall the video footage , interviews, and voice-overs went well, and helped depict the power of this moving event. Women riding motorcycles to feel free, support a cause and spread hope.



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