Just another day at the job for CNN

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

CNN is a broadcast network so good video journalism is a must. This video, for the most part, is a just another example. Let’s look at some examples why.

Time: The video is a very short and gets the point across in an excellent time period. It is not rushed yet it doesn’t drag on leaving the viewer to fall asleep half way through the video. Also the reporter is able to fit in the major components of what makes a news story effective.

Content: We find out the where the story takes place. We also are introduced to a few people that were at the fire and opinions from the those people on who might be to blame. Finally, an official in power is able to give the viewer input as to how those responsible will be dealt with.

Shooting: The video includes amateur shooting. To some this might be taken as horrible video journalism because of the terrible shooting technique, however it is a good thing this video is in the VO/SOT (Voice Over and Sound-on-tape). As a journalist if you can get any proof of what actually happened short of being there yourself, you should include it in your piece. There is excellent footage of the club after the fire. Also there is footage of the  the Russian President and victims being put on airplanes for transfer to Moscow.

I only found a few problems with this video. For example there were no translators for civilians who were interviewed. Therefore the viewer is pretty much forced to take the journalists word for what the interviewees are saying. Also there is no sight of the reporter. I personally would have liked to see her. Besides these few mishaps the story is nicely done.


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