ABC News Marks the Spot!

October 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

ABC news website is a marker for video news search.  There are videos on breaking and political news at the along the top of the page, indicated by WATCH signand the choices are endless.  From the recent Chilean miners’ rescue to the American killed by Mexican pirates.  Watch!

The top news story of the day has the video posted on the side.  The latest headlines includes a herald of titles with WATCH appearing next to it.  It captures the readers, or in this case the viewers, attention.  Once the video is clicked you’re redirected to a page where it feels like you’re in a theatre, the entire background is dark and you’re counting down to the feature.

I’m impressed about all the videos posted during this election season. ABC news is practically at every trail recording the candidates speeches at every state.  Now all it needs is to link local news with videos once we click on a particular state.

ABC world news also features the future news from China.  The days are being counted when they are bringing the news home, with live broadcast from Diane Sawyer.

By far, the most genius part is having the  video calender, which shows a mass of news videos for each day of the week.  It’s accessible and it’s something everyone should have.



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