Video Journalism: E60

October 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

ESPN’s E60 is a sport investigative journalism show that covers sports news stories that relate to both American and international sports fans. Reporters from the network interview a few subjects and create well crafted stories in segments that are better than your usual ESPN shows.

Each segment is well produce and averages about 10 minutes without commercials.  The show is much more like CBS60 minutes than it is Sportscenter. The best part of the show is that they show the meetings between reporters and editors. Giving viewers a behind the scenes look that few major networks are brave enough to do.

One of my favorite episodes was about current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. The episodes was an in-depth look at one of the sports most polarizing figures. The video is filled with video footage of Lesnar’s past sports endeavors and also shots from a one-on-one interview between the reporter and the fighter. There are many voice overs as they show videos featuring Lesnar and his family.

The reporter is not scared to ask a 295 pound professional fighter questions about rumored steroid use. The only issue I had with the video were the many vicious stabs at the sport of MMA. But then again I’m a fan of the sport!

Other segments of the show have explored greater issues such as drug abuse and even death.


~Juan Rodriguez


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