Mid-term Elections on CNN

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

The biggest news speculation night of the year is upon us! Run and hide because CNN is holding a round table discussion over what will happen if the Republicans take over the house. And sitting there is Elliot Spitzer!

The current projects on CNN have the Republicans taking 54 seats in the House. most CNN experts believe they’ll win control of the chamber. But at this time it remains to be seen how big a margin they might actually gain.

CNN also believes the Republicans will make gains in the Senate but come up short of the 10 seats they need to win control of the senate.

Most of the coverage is focused on If Republicans gain control of the House and what steps they will take to try and roll back portions of health care reform.

But almost none of the analysts have brought up that the republicans will still need the signature of President Obama, who will opposes most of their agenda.

The insurgent Tea Party has been a major focus of the coverage. But many question whether they will be able to do what they want once they get to Washington.

The onscreen graphs are confusing and just plain disorienting and the graphics flash too quickly between governor races, senate races, and house races.

What drives me crazy is that the CNN round table lacks ethnical diversity.

~Juan G.


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