Midterm elections: Social Media is on top of everything.

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

These midterm election are projected to be a game changer. The republicans could take the house and the tea party could have a huge impact on the elections. Therefore most people are going to want to know what happening when. So what better way than the social media.

TwitterFacebook and Youtube have been used by politicians profusely within the last couple years. In 2008 Obama used YouTube and Facebook in order to push his campaign for the presidency. Since then the president has decided to use this new media to push his policies such as health care and the economy.

So it is no surprise that these three social media (or new media) sites are apart of this midterm election.

Youtube has partnered with CBS in order to bring live coverage of the  midterm elections.

Viewers will be allowed to watch the live coverage as if they were sitting in front of their TV watching channel 2. Also there Youtube is has changed its comment format. Instead of having a text bar that says “respond to this video,” there is a comment box the has “What questions do you have for the CBS political team.” This will allow an interactive experience between viewers and analysts.

Facebook is keeping track of how many have voted.

Located at the top of the page is a tracker that follows all of those have voted, or said they have voted. There is a “I Voted” button that anyone can press , whether they have voted or not. This makes for a non-accurate number but a number nonetheless.

When you click on the link a page called U.S. Politics on Facebook comes up. You can either write on the wall,

find the nearest poll with the help of Poll Locator

Or watch ABC coverage of the elections and comment on it in the discussion section on the page.

It seems Facebook is on top of things.

Finally,  Twitter did what it does best: keep you up-to-date with the latest tweets. Well, not so much Twitter as the companies that use it. For example, the New York Times’s page.

As results come in it  is tweeted onto the webpage. If you look on the page you can see that the posts are separated by minutes or even seconds. The Times is using twitter as an effective tool to cover the election.

Times are changing. A few years ago up to the minute coverage just meant sitting in front of you TV waiting for results. Now all you have to do is go online and you can check results in seconds. Also any live coverage you could have gotten from TV is now online just a few keystrokes away.


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