NYTimes, a one stop shop for election coverage

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

The New York Times is taking full advantage of the interactivity and speed of the internet in its coverage of the midterm elections that took place today. The top of their homepage has a play-by-play feature of sorts that shows the results of the election in the Senate and in the House, including how many votes Republicans need to gain control in both.

The site’s homepage has more or less been overrun with coverage of the election, which is to be expected.  They do a good job of not limiting the coverage to simply results and minute by minute updates.  Their coverage includes stories about what the election of specific candidates can mean for their respective states, for example, the election of Andrew M. Cuomo as New York Governor.

The coverage also includes live blogs from The Caucus, including a blog by Michael D. Shear.

Some may consider the coverage over zealous, but there is no lack of information, or any hint that there may be any biased in their coverage.  I see they’re coverage as an attempt to show all facets of the election.

One of my favorite parts of the Time’s election coverage is the videos they have available. One in particular is about the mood in Ohio on election day. Check it out!



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