Social Media and Election coverage

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

The media coverage of the 2010 election was all over the place Tuesday night. But this year social media played a large roll in the coverage for many news organizations.

Facebook had a tracker that counted how many people voted and it also showed you which of you’re friends voted. Last count was 9469422.

The New York Times, by far, has the best thing I saw. It was called Twitter visualization. It shows what people are talking about on Twitter. This is a great idea but it won’t give an accurate reading on what all people are doing because a majority of Americans are still not on Twitter.

<a href=”; _mce_href=”; >Statesman Election Coverage</a>
CNN was analyzing Twitter conversations and posting on a map what people ere talking about. Again great idea but I would be interested to see if it actually works and how it corresponds to the actual results.

PBS was blogging live using Cover It Live. This is also good but still more of what everyone else was doing. The News organizations that do something different will be the ones that set themselves apart.

On campus only The Statesman and Think Magazine had any coverage of the elections, both if which got the election results for the University, which were low.

Although I have to say The New York Times is still my main source of news. I followed them for the 08 elections and last year as well.’



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