The Basics of Election

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Now that Election Day is finally here we can take a long breather from the campaign ads.  A variety of ads were placed depicting some candidates in a extremely negative light while some others had an SNL parody.  Election time is also a time when everyone frantically hops from one site to the next trying to find the latest number of votes counted for House and Senate seats.

We can expect that nearly all sites will feature their coverage in similar ways: having a map of the United States, colored in red, blue with the exception of varying colors for Independent.  The numbers although may project in similar directions, but it can get frustrating when some are off by 10 or so votes counted.  And live blogs are posted by the minute.  The New York Times has 3 blogs each nearly 4 minutes apart.

There’s also the pictures of confetti and balloons of winners and losers with their families gathered around their supporters.  All these are pretty much expected.

Then before you know it, it’s finished.  Obviously to get started with the agendas right away.

CNN fed the election results to readers.  They titled a section of the election center Need To Know with categories-the latest for in depth readers who want to know every up to speed coverage.  It includes a live blog and the latest at a glance.  The other category offers quick readers a guide of what to expect with the basic thoughts on nearly everyone’s mind.

What I also like about their coverage was the grid box that featured the number of precincts counted so far big and clear.  It’s different from the tiny font, pop-up tabs that you can select when you drag your mouse across the map.  No more squinting.

I’m more impressed with a portion of the page telling users the importance of the elections and the underlying issues both houses have to encounter like the economy, health care and budget deficits.  It gives users an understanding of  both houses of Congress and their roles.  A lot can be said in opinion, but when it comes to the facts that  is what we need.



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