AOL’s Patch, Reaching New Heights

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment, Patch on Election Day, Patch and Midterm Elections has hired 600 journalists in the 2010 year, and saw its traffic “surge by 300 percenton November 2. The reason for this jump in audience? The 2010 Midterm Elections.

Patch is a network of over 300 local news sites, all of which were visited by thousands of residents on the election day. The company released that of its 500 regions and towns it covers, its serves “populations ranging generally between 15,000-75,000.”

One of the newest sites, Santa Cruz Patch, was the most popular on election day.

“The company has hired 600 journalists in 2010, more that any other news organization, Warren Webster, president of Patch, says.” This is a positive result for journalists in and emerging from college, as it is the proof that there is a current position, and future in the ever-evolving field of journalism.

In addition, of the journalists hired, although pay is not disclosed, 75 percent of staffers say they are making more than their previous job.

“In the interview, Webster explains editorial guidelines and growing multimedia reporting. He explained how the Patch is integrated with newly relaunched AOL home page and with giant AOL Mapquest home page.”

Local editors also have an average of six years as a working journalist.

This is extremely important and positive information for emerging journalists and aspiring journalists, both in college and exiting from college.

It shows that there are jobs out there! And besides that, paying jobs that could end up being worth your while, while trying to get your name out there, and your articles recognized.




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