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November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment



Carlotta Pierce, mother of who is charged with murdering 4-year-old daughter, Marcella Pierce


Carlotta Brett-Pierce, 30 was charged with two counts of murder in the second degree and one count of manslaughter in the first degree for the maltreatment of her 18 pound 4-year-old daughter after an autopsy ruled the child’s death as a homicide. New York City’s medical examiner office released a statement saying 4-year-old Marchella Pierce died of  “child abuse syndrome with acute drug poisoning, blunt impact injuries, malnutrition and dehydration.” Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office described the term child abuse syndrome as “abuse occurred over a period of time and was not a one-time occurrence.”

Carlotta Pierce, who has been in jail since the beginning of September, faces up to 25 to life and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing.

Conan O’Brien also known as “coco” to fans has returned back to television and is taking no breaks from cracking jokes even ones at himself & the conflict with Jay Leno. His episode was hilarious and for a tv host I never used to watch before watching this episode made me realize I’ve been missing out so bravo “Coco” you’ve gained me as viewer.

Kanye West has another interruption fit this week but this time it was to give passengers of a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to New York a random concert of “The Good life” & “Gold digger”:

Mr. West, you never cease to amaze me.


–Stephanie Jeanty



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