Looking to the future

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today, on the New York Times main website was an interactive article called “Voices: What’s Next in Science. The interactive multimedia showcases 10 scientists who specialize in different fields.

Here are prognostications for science in 2011 from 10 leading figures in 10 widely scattered disciplines, from genomics to mathematics to earth science. Regardless of whether they prove true next year, they offer a glimpse into the kinds of possibilities that get scientists excited.

New York Times Voices

There are short blurbs in the NYT article that accompany each of the scientists but the highlight of each of the blurbs is the interview with the scientist. Most of the voice overs are about 1:30 but there are a few that hang over two minutes and one actually nears three minutes. It’s interesting to see that the concept of “keep it short” actually applies. I got bored after two minutes of listening to one of the scientists and I was ready to click ahead to the next one.

I found it interesting, however, that some of the sound qualities were not good whatsoever. Michael J. McPhaden‘s interview sounded like he was in a big open room. There is so much white space in the recording that it distracts away from what McPhaden is saying.

The one thing that I would have liked to see more of is more pictures to go with each scientist. Each person has their own portrait photo to go with the blurbs, but it would have been cool if there were more photos from them in their natural environment in the lab or in the field.

It could have been something like the interactive feature on centenarians that was done last week (worth the look!!)



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