Will the permanent members of the Security Council please stand?

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

President Obama said he supports India seeking permanent membership on the Security Council. He made the announcement during the final day of his stay in New Delhi, Monday.

This Veteran’s Day, President Obama and India’s prime minister are headed to the meeting of the Group of 20 in South Korea, to debate the Federal Reserve’s strategy for boosting the economy, which could lead to a $600 billion transaction.

India’s prime minister emphasized the need for cooperation and a strategic partnership with the United States. Some were critical of exactly who the United States considers its allies.

China, a permanent member of the Council, is critical of the United States for endorsing other Asian countries, and is against the Federal Reserve’s strategy because it fears the move will boost American exports.

Pakistan is against the United States for supporting India because of its rivalry with India.

The Security Council is one of the organizational structures of the United Nations. It consists of five permanent members (United States, China, Russia, France, Great Britain) and 10 nonpermanent members who are voted in by the general assembly. The five permanent members have veto power, while the others do not. In order to approve resolutions in the Security Council, a vote of the five plus four (no vetoes) is required.

President Obama has supported a permanent position on the council for Japan as well.

The United Nations

Note: This post is based on an article on the New York Times website. I do not own the story. To read the article, click here. For a video of Mr. Obama in India, click here.



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