amazon & the future

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Know what’s happening? We’re moving online. That’s not really news, is it? Everything. It was just news for a while, and then it was books, and now it’s magazines. The iPad was always gonna have magazines, and now the Kindle is really getting into the magazine side.

Sales of Kindles, e-books and periodicals have been steadily increasing, and it looks like they will continue to.

A little while back, mags were getting about 30% of their own sales, and in a push to make the Kindle the quintessential magazine-consumption device, Amazon is offering 70% of the earnings back to companies willing to sell through Kindle. So we’ll be seeing a lot more of that from now on.

The Kindle’s 3G version is pretty good– you pay a little extra, but Amazon absorbs the costs. They’re taking a load off by offering the Kindle in WiFi, though.

Which sort of brings me to another point. What doesn’t have internet access nowadays? Amazon got on board with offering a WiFi-capable Kindle. iPod touches and iPhones have been on that for a while now. You can even get most of your e-mail through a cellphone, even if it doesn’t have a data plan.

We’re wired, guys. It’s awesome.


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