Just another place Facebook has made its mark.

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Facebook is pretty much used for everything: finding people, getting yourself out there, and even gaining support for causes.

Most recently we saw this with the midterm elections. US Politics on Facebook used the social networking site in order to help users follow the election as well as suggest places nearest to them to go vote.

Now Facebook has been recently reported as dominating the”Online Display Ad Market” according to a post by David Shedden on Poynter Online. Shedden credits comScore, a digital iinformation site, with the findings. According to comScore, Shedden says, ‘Facebook.com led all online publishers in Q3 2010 with 297 billion display ad impressions, representing 23.1 percent market share.’

This is no suprise as many people use Facebook everyday, making it an ideal site to advertise on. According to a blog post by Mark Zuckerburg, as of July 2010, 500 million people were users of Facebook. Facebook is also ideal for advertisement because you put your personal information into your profile. Therefore the ad companies believe they can decipher what ads to show you based on the information on your profile. Therefore the ads on the side of your page always apply to you somehow.

For example I am a Christian. Therefore there are always ads that say things like “Date Christian Singles” or “Top Christian Colleges” on the side of my page.

Since the social networking site is such an effective advertising tool, advertising is just another area that Facebook has made its mark.


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