Xbox Live update provides gamers with ESPN

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

The creative guys at Microsoft are back to thier innovative ways and i’m not talking about the Kinect. Microsoft’s  Xbox Live Fall update was available for download on Monday, November 1st. The updated service allows user to live stream ESPN.

Xbox gamers can stream Sportscenter and thousands of sporting events in high definition through their console.   The official update site states that the ESPN streaming feature will stream out-of-market and will also feature full HD content.

Users can also voice-chat with other Live friends while watching a game broadcast. Gamers are also able to partake in a pregame poll to predict game scores before the game has started.

The interface also allows gamers to set a specific team or league as their favorite and receive status messages when using the Xbox more traditional means.

What makes this so interesting is that are seeing a new level of interaction with home video gaming consoles. Could you imagine live streaming CNN on your Xbox console with minute to minute updates flashing across the screen?

There is already a sports information ticker that scrolls across the screen, informing gamers of additional game scores. This tech could be utilized by news media outlets to increase their appeal among younger demographics.

The New York Times needs to get in on this as soon as possible.

~Juan G. Rodriguez


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