3D becomes real

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today, in a New York Times article Where Cinema and Biology Meet by Erik Olsen, a Harvard professor of cell biology discuss how technology is allowing science to create a visual representation of cells.

Dr. Lue is one of the pioneers of molecular animation— a science that utilize the latest 3D technology of modern movies to reproduce replicas of the inner workings of living cells.

The new field has led to a hybrid between scientist and 3D animators. At Macquarie University researchers have found a way to use #D animation to discover what chickens are talking about! They found that roosters give a series of calls and use head movement to communicate.

Scientist have also used this tech just earlier this year to create the first fully 3D rendered and colored replica of Dinosaurs.

So all the video game designers, who we thought were throwing away their lives, were really helping to launch science into a new era of 3D discovers.

The New York Times points to a video produced in 2006 by BioVisions called “The Inner Life of the Cell.” The video shows white blood cells attacking infections with-in the body.

Although not all researchers believe the technology is used correctly and the article uses Peter Walter of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, as an example.  He basically calls some of the videos produced Hollywood versions of the truth.

Whatever comes from this technology is fascinating and is a testament to entertainment becoming something more useful to society.



~Juan G. Rodriguez


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