Decision Points

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Since former President Bush finished his second term, he has all but dropped off the radar completely, with the exception of the debacle over whether to  extend his tax-cuts, and of course,  this funny little poster.

He has re-emerged once again only to unveil his new book Decision Points. I think no mater what your view of Bush or his administration, the fact that he has not written a typical memoir, but rather chosen to explain in detail every executive decision he has had to make during his two terms in office says a great deal about how he wants the American people to know exactly why he did what he did when in office. He discusses everything from being called a ‘racist’ by Kanye West to the possibility of  shooting down the second plane on 9/11.

 The website Tripline is documenting the stops on his book tour using maps and videos of all of the interviews Bush has given. The book tour kicked off last Tuesday, and will go on for the next few weeks. So far he has made appearances on Oprah and The Sean Hannity Show. As a respectful former president, Bush refuses to discuss the current administration whatsoever. He wants to promote his book and head back into retirement, which definitely seems like a good choice.

”I have zero desire, just so you know, to be in the limelight. I’m going to emerge than submerge.”  Bush


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