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November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Recently, social media super site, Facebook, has announced new things to come for the future. Will it ever end?

The good ‘ole Facebook had a few recent announcements from a new messaging system (which was met with some hesitations which came true when a bug was found in the program) which won’t act as a e-mail but will be more intricate than the current messaging system on Facebook.

Facebook Message icon

According to “The new messaging system is composed of three parts: seamless messaging, cross-platform conversation history and the social inbox. The latter is an inbox for filtering the messages you want, organized by the people you care about. It’s designed to highlight conversations with your real friends and be spam free.”

The creators stress  that it isn’t an e-mail system because there are “no subject lines, no cc, no bcc.”

If users were to activate this e-mailing system, they would have an “email” like

But again…it’s not e-mail. And it was met with hesitations about phishers and scammers…which all came true shortly after it’s release and users profiles were being deactivated.

On a futuristic note, the CEO of Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian venture capital firm  has taken quite an interest in Facebook as “he is a supporter and investor in Facebook partly because he believes the social network could become the basis for artificial intelligence,” according to

I can’t even say that this is a ludicrous idea because new technologies are developing constantly. For example, Xbox’s new Kinect gaming system, which doesn’t require controllers at all, just the players bare hands.



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