Facebook & Google Battle Continues:Facebook becomes homepage

November 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

With Facebook continuing to change every time I blink, I didn’t think anything of it when I logged in over the weekend and noticed that you can now make Facebook your “homepage”. I just thought Facebook wants users to be connected to friends as much as possible but I wasn’t aware it was apart of the ongoing feud of Google & Facebook until articles began to surface.

Facebook is now allowing users to default Facebook as their homepage beating out companies like Yahoo and its conflict rival Google, who make money from advertisements.

According to a SmartMoney article, “Facebook expects to roll out the homepage default option to all of its 500 million users over the next several weeks.”

With newspaper sites like NYT.com and Cnn.com allowing visitors & subscribers to edit the content they read, journalism is changing to breaking news ‘tweeted’ in 140 characters and with Facebook allowing users to be connected instantly it raises the question: how will users get real news if Facebook is site they see soon as they log onto a computer or turn on their phones?


-S Jeanty


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