WikiLeaks has germs.

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As many people have now heard, WikiLeaks founder and chair Julian Assange has turned himself in for sex crimes charges from Sweden. Since the warrant was issued and the search started Assange has experienced everything from frozen accounts to his organization being likened to a terrorist organization.

Along with these misfortunes WikiLeaks itself, has seen website such as PayPal and Amazon sever all ties with the organization.

According to, after the website released the cables, the website received a number of  “distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.” So in order to get the website up and running again they decided to start “moved their website hosting to the Amazon EC2 Cloud.”

But after a day they would be kicked off. There have been reports that Amazon was pushed by the government to abandon the site, but according to the article on BizCloud the Amazon said the reason was that WikiLeaks violated the terms of service. BizCloud explains the Amazon said the, “the violation occurred because WikiLeaks did not control all of the rights related to the diplomatic cables it released.”

PayPal also followed with its denial of WikiLeaks, ending all financial transactions that went through them. According to BizCloud, PayPal was a method by which WikiLeaks could accept donations. Supporters will no longer be able to donate through PayPal which could mean a major hit taken by WikiLeaks.

However one website has not erased its connection with WikiLeaks. Facebook still allows WikiLeaks’ fan page to stay up.

According to a post on, posts on the WikiLeaks Fan Page were going up by the second.  It seems the germs WikiLeaks is slowly developing doesn’t scare off everyone.


Redesign Angers Facebook Die-Hards

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1.7 million users of Facebook are apparently appalled by the social network site’s new layout.  The concerned users felt strongly enough to start a petition, according to a article.  The redesign, the second in 6 months, is an attempt by Facebook to compete with other sites such as Twitter.  The new design is sans Newsfeed, Livefeed, Photos and Status update feeds and were replaced with one page that combine them all.  Also, in the spirit of competition, the status update tool has been removed and replaced with “publisher”, a Twitter-like feature that allows users to enter Tweet-like updates that immediately show up on your page and your friends’.

The 1.7 million people who see this new layout severely affecting there lives, are up in arms about some of the inconvenient and somewhat annoying new features.  The new design comes with an overload of information.  Every time a friend sends an invite, for example, you get a notification for every friend they send it to, even if its 100 people.  I agree that this is a wee bit excessive, but definitely nothing to protest over.

The new design definitely has its pros and cons, but just like every other redesign that Facebook has introduced, users will eventually get used to it and will probably forget what the old one even looked like.  I know I will.

In conclusion, get over it! Redirect your enthusiasm for protesting towards something that will really affect society.


iPad part deuce

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It appears that the people at Apple are ready for more of your money. Apple will be releasing the new Apple iPad in February, according to an article on

Apple has already sold about 7.5 million of the popular tablet device since its launch in 2009. The device is so popular that the sales numbers of small net-books have dropped immensely.

The new iPad will likely feature things such as a camera for video calling and a thinner design.

Foxconn Electronics plants in china have been notified that the will ship 400,000-600,000 iPad within the next 100 days, according to

Hopefully, the new iPad 2 will be as useful as in this MadTv skit that predates the existence of the current iPad.


~Juan Rodriguez

Something I totally want, oh and there’s a tax increase for poor people

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I. Love. Coffee. I heard about the Mypressi Twist last year, but I just saw Gizmodo’s review of it now (a bit late there, Gizmodo).

It’s basically just a portable espresso maker that uses N2O cartridges for heat. Pretttty dope.


And the latest on the tax cuts as reported by the NYT:

“In fact, the only groups likely to face a tax increase are those near the bottom of the income scale — individuals who make less than $20,000 and families with earnings below $40,000.”

Seems pretty unfair to me.


Newsday’s redesign, a step in the right direction

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Newsday's new site.

So I thought I would end this blog where this class started. has recently re-designed their website and it took a look at mediabistro to find this out, shows how busy I have been lately.

So how about Newsday’s redesign. I would give it a solid B+. It looks much better, brighter and less dark and drab. One thing that I immediately noticed is the high wire act that was their navigation bar has changed. You can now click on one category and it will bring up a list of sub categories.

The featured story section is still there, but is customized for each section so you will get the top four stories in news and the top four stories in sports. Moreover, those stories each have under them a icon for video, comments and photos that accompany the story. This is great way to show off your multimedia.

There is also a bar on the bottom that will show the day’s most popular stories and gives the readers a chance to submit a news tip, video, photos and events. The best feature on this bar is the my headlines tab. It will let you customize so you will get the news you want all in one place.

What is most noticeable, however, is the site will be free to everyone until January 7th. This is probably some ploy to get more subscribers and it might work now that the site is much better and user friendly.

And that really is the test to see whether the redesign is a success. I think it looks much better and from the short time I spent with it, more user friendly. But we will see what happens.


Wikileaks founder in custody till the 14th

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Julian Assange has been arrested in Sweden and transferred to London, where he awaits a second hearing on December 14 after being denied bail this afternoon. He is charged with having nonconsensual sex with two Swedish women. This supposedly happened in August. Assange claims the charges have been sensationalized because of what happened a week ago Sunday.

Assange is the founder of Wikileaks (website is currently severely slowed down), the organization responsible for releasing over 250,000 diplomatic cables for publication on the internet last Sunday. The cables contain many details of conversations between the U.S. and foreign officials, and what the government calls sensitive information that is dangerous to national security.

The release and publication of about 1,000 of these cables has sparked reactions among foreign nations, particularly Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Wikileaks has threatened that if something happens to Assange or the organization, that more cables will be published with the help of journalists all over the world.

It’s amazing that something so simple could get him in trouble. I’m talking about the sex charges of course. Not that it has anything to do with what he has done. Or does it?

"A virtual network of a thousand journalists around the world...muahahaha!"

Assange’s lawyers said he will fight extradition. More as it happens.

Check out The New York Times for this cool video.


American Psycho hits Broadway

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This is just too much. It seems that so many movies are being adapted for the Broadway stage. Movies like Elf, Tarzan, Legally Blonde, The Addams Family, Spider-Man and Catch Me If You Can.

But the latest addition takes the cake.

American Psycho.

I read this and did a double take. American Psycho, really? It’ll be a blood bath on stage. The audience is going to leave full of Uptown Manhattan yuppie 80’s serial killer. I couldn’t take the movie seriously since it was a total satire on a certain working class in New York City. How am I supposed to take this seriously? Or maybe it’s meant to not be taken seriously?

The first act has been written according to an article from Time Magazine.

The whole production has been in the works since 2008 and the producers of the play, David Johnson, Jesse Singer, Nate Bolotin and Aaron Ray, gave the New York Post a sneak peek into some of the scenes that will be included in the play:

* Bateman lures business associate Paul Owen back to his Manhattan apartment. Bateman puts on a raincoat so his designer suit doesn’t get bloody and hacks up Owen with an ax.

* He bumps into “Tom Cruise” in the elevator of the Upper West Side building where they both live. Bateman refers to Cruise’s film “Cocktail” as “Bartender.” Cruise corrects him and points out that his nose is bleeding.

* Bateman and his yuppie friends compare business cards at a swanky Upper East Side restaurant. Noting his peers’ classier cards, Bateman becomes so jealous he finds it hard to breathe.

The first scene mentioned is going to be hilarious on-stage and I would want to go just to see that.


P.S. Everyone have a happy holiday!!  I’ll leave you with this. All of our mothers are like this to a degree (unless you don’t celebrate Christmas)

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